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Western Illinois University student housing will begin to see another change on campus next semester. New freshman students will be moved from Bayliss and Henninger halls, also known as the North Quad, to Thompson and Lincoln-Washington halls starting this fall.

WIU Director of residential and auxiliary facilities, Joe Roselieb, says that incoming freshmen will have the chance to live on floors designated for first-year students in Thompson and Lincoln-Washington halls, which also house upper-classmen. The First Year Experience (FYE) program will still be applied to freshmen and they will have the option to select the single rooms, optional super-single rooms, and traditional double rooms in both Lincoln and Washington halls. Additional living-learning communities (LLC) will be moved to both of these areas of campus, with two new communities, Business Studies and Agriculture Studies, set to begin in the fall.

"The feedback we often hear from prospective students and families is that they want their own room, updated accommodations and dining options within the hall, or in close proximity," Roselieb added. "Moving new students to these halls meets these student needs, and provides additional benefits and opportunities for incoming freshmen."

Additional peer mentoring and guidance from upper-class students can help the new students adapt to their environment easier says Ron Williams, vice president for student services.

"While freshmen will be housed together on floors designated for first-year students, they'll have the opportunity to get to know students who have the lay of the land, so to speak," Williams said. "Rather than having our new students separated from those students who have been here a year or three years, they have the opportunity to live and learn among those who have experienced the institution."

WIU’s decision to take Tanner, Bayliss and Henninger halls offline will ultimately reduce maintenance and utility costs. Resident assistants and building service workers will be relocated to other halls as needed. There are currently no further plans to demolish the North Quad halls.


(Original story from WIU News. Visit their article here)