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Minimum wage was the talking point for Republican State Senator of the 47th district, Jil Tracy, after the U.S Senate passed a plan created by the Democratic party to raise the nation’s minimum wage to $15. Opponents of the plan argued that the proposed plan would aid Chicago, but neglect the rest of the state of Illinois. Senator Tracy focused on the negative effects for Western Illinois business owners and workers.


Tracy stated that, “Employers are leaving in droves seeking less regulation and fewer taxes in our neighboring states. Adding yet another budgetary and regulative layer to business will only fuel that outmigration.” She continued saying, “This legislation is a one-size-fits-all package that only suits Chicago and is completely blind to the rest of the state. Our small businesses, nonprofits, hospitals and schools can’t afford this. It will hurt their ability to retain staff, and provide services. We want working families to have jobs that pay well and a good quality of life for their families, but the plan that passed the Senate may have them facing fewer job opportunities, higher consumer costs, and other ramifications we can’t even fully understand yet.”


Yesterday, the Senate passed the plan, which now moves to the House of Representatives. The details of the plan involve the minimum wage gradually increasing to $15 over the next six years. This, however, would cause detrimental harm to small businesses and retailers, school districts, hospitals, state agencies and human services.


A study from North Carolina State University claimed that this plan would also harm agriculture throughout the country. The study reports that the increases would cause a decline in productivity by 6.5 percent.


As Senate Bill 1 is moved to the House for consideration, Senator Tracy urged members in the House to reject this plan, which could cause great harm to the state of Illinois. A full interview with Jil Tracy concerning the minimum wage increase can be found below: