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Land of Lincoln Receives Middle of the Pack Distinction

In a study done to determine the quality of all 50 states in the U.S., WalletHub found Illinois 21st. Illinois received its highest marks (6th in both) in safety and quality of life, while receiving its lowest (45th and 46th respectively) in affordability and economy. As the economy continues to recover from decades of frivolous and, at times, illegal spending, the state could see a rise on lists like this. Illinois also received a middle of the pack 24th ranking on health and education (one category). A much more positive and fun note about the state from this list, Illinois was 5th in restaurants per capita, making it truly one of the best places to eat in America, if nothing else.


A few other interesting notes and takeaways from the list: first, only one state that could be considered Southern cracked the top-25, Florida, at #21. California and New York were 49 and 50 respectively on the affordability list, while Alabama and West Virginia came in at 1 and 2. The least safe state was interestingly Alaska, North Dakota was rated as the best economy, and New Yorkers were given the distinction of having the best quality of life. For health and education, Vermont was deemed #1, while New Jersey was deemed safest.


Now, obviously, this is onlyl one of undoubtedly hundreds of these kinds of lists, most of which simply use data from the Census Bureau, but it’s always interesting to read these and see where your state stacks up. has the rest of the rankings as well as the methodology for selecting the list in the way they did.