Macomb Local News

MACOMB-  The Macomb City Council met on Monday (Dec 23) at 5:15 p.m at City Hall to discuss a few items on the City Council’s agenda. 


The first item on the agenda to discuss was Downtown and Community projects. There are nine new places being developed in downtown Macomb, with a 96% occupancy rate. Downtown Director Kristen Terry reports there were various events downtown and in the Chandler Park area. She stated Dickens on the Square was a huge success, working with the Downtown Business owners who were pleased with the performance. There were 17 WIU students who interned with her coordinating during the Town and Gown event. Mayor Inman Stated that the efforts to involve WIU Students were huge during the event and paid off well. Alderman Moon mentioned encouraging budgeting for this event each year.


The second item on the agenda was pertaining to cannabis and drug paraphernalia in the town. This ordinance will be presented for a second reading and the final action as the Committee has been given Power to Act. City Attorney Kristen Petrie presented the ordinance for second reading and final action. All Alderman members voted to approve the ordinance to amend Chapter 16, Sections 54,57, 58, 59, and 60 of the Municipal Code of Macomb pertaining to cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  As a result, Mayor Mike Inman declared the motion to carried and the ordinance was approved.


Lastly, on the agenda for discussion, was the Ordinance to create Chapter 14, Article XIII entitled Adult-Use Cannabis Consumption Onsite Establishment of the Municipal Code of Macomb, pertaining to conditional use permits for adult-use cannabis consumption in public. Alderman G. Carper stated the city is controlling only granting or denying a license for a cannabis cafe. Mayor Mike Inman stated the subject will be placed on the agenda for a second reading, and the final action will be declared Monday, January 6, 2020 council meeting.