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Titans vs. Rockets

Last Friday, the Monmouth-Roseville Titans traveled to Rockridge to play the Rockets in a non conference game.The Titans fell football squad fell short of victory with a close score of  33-32. This game was real intense as they took the Rockets too overtime.


Junior Jack Thompson completed 15-24 passes in the non conference game against the Rockets with a total of 234 yards. Thompson average 226 yards throwing, along with 8 yards for rushing. Other highlighted players for the Titans are Junior Carter Russell, Senior Rashaun King, and Junior Colton Russell. Russell had excellent game having a total of 111 yards with 40 for rushing and 71 for recieving. He also was tied with Jack Thompson with 2 touchdowns in the game. What the Titans need to do better is start off strong. Colton Russell added a touchdown with a total of 229 yards with 187 rushing and 42 receiving. 


During the first quarter the Titans didn't score but the Rockets had a touchdown. If the offense could come out stronger they could set the tempo for the defense. Unfortunately the offense didn't get started until the 2nd quarter where they scored two touchdowns. But at that point they still needed to fight their way back in the game. Mississippi


The Titans now have a record of 0-2. Their next match will be against Hall (Spring Valley, IL). The Red Devils enter the Three Rivers -Mississippi match with a 1-1 record. In their last match, Hall held off Bureau Valley (Manlius, IL), 47-12, in a non-league match. Their next non- conference game will be away on Friday, Sep 13 at 7:00 pm.