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Macomb Bombers Vs. Williamsville Bullets Preview

The Macomb Girls varsity basketball team will face off against the Williamsville Bullets today (Jan 2) at 1 pm in the Washington St. Gym. The Bombers will be heading into the game 3-9 after losing to the Hornets 71-50 on December 26th.

The Hornets were on a 4 game win streak before facing the Bombers. That win streak gave them the momentum to blow the Bombers out on their home floor. The Bombers ended off the decade on a loss, but they have a chance to turn their season around with start to a new year.


The Bombers will have a chance to defend their home floor in the very first game of the year. They are just 2-4 when facing opponents at home and 1-1 while going on the road. The Bombers are a phenomenal team, they just need to capitalize on defense more. Throughout the season thus far, they allowed 772 points when playing other teams. That's a lot of points given up with season almost being halfway done. If the Bombers can communicate on defense the rest of this season, it won't be too late to turn things around.


Williamsville will be entering today’s game on a 2 game losing streak with a record of 5-8. This game will be really intense as both teams are looking for their first win of the new year today (Jan 2) at 1 pm.