Official SESAC Radio and New Media Scholarship Application





PO Box 11148

Danville VA 24543


Name_______________________________________ Home Phone_________________



Home Address (Street, City, ST, ZIP)


Name of College or University: ______________________________________________


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Name some of your extracurricular activities and hobbies _________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Indicate your current grade level:   (  ) Sophomore (  ) Junior

Note: You must be in at least your second full year to be eligible.

What is your GPA? ____ What grade level will you enter this fall? __________________


List references – two minimum (Name, Position,  Contact Information)


Name:     _____________________    _____________________    ____________________


Employer: _____________________    _____________________   ____________________


Phone:   _____________________     _____________________    ____________________



Email:     _______________________________        ________________________________     ______________________________


Please submit this application to the Scholarship Committee at the IBIB address listed above. Include an essay, in 250 words or less, describing your plans after college, including the reasons for choosing your career and discuss your interest in radio or song writing. Attach your college transcript (or have your college mail them), your essay, and return with this application. Material received after the March 7, 2016 deadline will not be considered - make sure your transcripts are mailed on time.

This award is not needs based - no financial information is required.





SESAC Radio and New Media Scholarship Grant Information


1.      One scholarship of $10,000 will be awarded to a junior or senior (as of September 2016) at a college or university that offers undergraduate training in radio broadcasting and/or song writing related programs, such as advertising, digital media, communications, journalism, or music composition studies. Some radio experience is considered as a positive, but is not required. This scholarship is funded by SESAC, a music licensing company, ( which contracts with radio stations for the rights to broadcast music by song writers represented by SESAC. If you have questions, contact the radio station that offers this award; do not contact SESAC.


2.      In order to qualify for the grant, the applicant must meet the following conditions:


·         Is now attending and is in good standing at a college or university in the United States. Freshmen students are not eligible. You must be at least a sophomore as of February 2016.


·         Is in a course of study relating to a career in radio and digital broadcasting and/or song writing or music publishing.


·         Exhibits grades in previous academic work, which, in the judgment of the IBIB, are adequate to give reasonable assurance of success in earning a degree in a program, outlined above.


·         Supplies all of the information requested on the Official Scholarship Application.


·         Intends to pursue a career which includes radio and new media broadcasting.


3.      Applicants must return forms to: Scholarship Committee, IBIB, PO Box 11148, Danville, VA 24543, postmarked (Suggest: March 1) in time to arrive before the deadline (see Rule 4, below). (Street address for UPS/FedEx only: 129 Acorn Lane, Danville, VA 24541) For items sent by Express Mail, be sure to check the box that indicates NO signature is needed by the recipient. This mail is going to a Post Office Box and requiring a signature only delays your entry.


4.      ABSOLUTE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT: All application forms, essays, and transcripts must be received by March 7, 2016. If all of these are not received by the deadline, the application will not be considered. Please inform your college of this deadline for your transcripts.